The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is a voluntary certification initiative for LED technology requiring lighting products to comply with minimum performance standards in three critical areas:

  • distribution,
  • color,
  • and longevity/stress.

Testing to DLC lighting requirements must be completed by an Accredited Laboratory, with test results submitted directly to the DLC by the manufacturer.

DLC certification is a utility-based initiative; numerous utilities nationwide base rebate programs on DLC standards for products including high bays, wall packs, lab lamps, roadway luminaires, retrofit-kits, decorative LEDs, and LED panels (such as refrigerator lights, T8’s, and panels used in commercial, industrial, or outdoor applications).

The DLC has ten years of experience promoting energy efficiency in the commercial lighting sector. We pride ourselves on our adaptability to the rapidly-changing industry, our commitment to transparency, and a core dedication to our mission of driving energy-efficiency through lighting. A few of our key accomplishments include:

  • The largest verified list of high performing LED lighting products: the DLC Solid-State Lighting QPL.
  • Over 40% gains in product efficiency on the Solid-State Lighting QPL over five years.
  • The first and only Qualified Products List for networked lighting control systems.

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